I do love a trip to Whole Foods.  It is relaxing, inspiring, a visual feast.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with 3 lovely ladies enjoying a meal at our local Whole Foods.  They brought us together in honor of their #sharethecheer holiday campaign to show us the beautiful food and unique gifts available this season.


 For many of us, the holidays mean time in the kitchen, feeding our loved ones and honoring traditions.  While all that is good, it’s impossible if you can’t step out of the kitchen to enjoy it!  This is where Whole Foods holiday menu comes in.  Are you in need of a turkey?  Side dishes?  Appetizers?  Desserts and Pies?  They’ve got you covered with beautiful, delicious food that won’t disappoint.  They even have options for the gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarians that will be at your table. As you make the final touches to your holiday menu, remember to add time outside of the kitchen to your itinerary.  Take a look into Whole Foods holiday menu to supplement the bounty of goodness that will be on your table.




*Order by November 24th for Thanksgiving. Check out Whole Foods holiday offerings and remember to #sharethecheer this season! Find my lovely companions posts here, here and here.

**This post is sponsored by Whole Foods.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. It was so great getting to meet and share a yummy meal with you! I love all your stunning photos!

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