I bought a bucket of water balloons last month. A bucket. Over 500 multi-colored balloons to fill with water. What more could 3 boys want for a summer activity? We hadn’t tried water balloons before, just stuck with the standard sprinkler, slip-n-slide and backyard, plastic pool. I hid them away to pull out for an afternoon, later in the summer, when boredom was setting in. Unfortunately, the boys found them.

water balloons

Everyday since then they have been begging….begging…to pull them out. Asking, “Is it hot enough for water balloons yet mom?” Last week, as the temperature crept into the 90s it was finally hot enough. So one afternoon, when they asked me, for what seemed the 100th time, “is it hot enough for water balloons?” I surprised them by saying “yes!”

In a flurry of activity they were out of their clothes and into their swimsuits. They ran out the front door whooping and hollering, bucket of balloons in hand.

With much anticipation, we attached the special nozzle to the hose and turned the lever forward, letting water stream into the first balloon.

water ballons

water balloons


The balloon exploded in our hands. Surely we filled it too fast and with too much water. So, we tried again.


water balloons

This was not going well. After a few more tries we succeeded in filling one balloon, and then another. It seems there is a bit of a method to filling water balloons, just enough water, but not too much. Within minutes we had enough for each boy to have an even amount of balloons to launch at one another. And launch they did. The rest of the afternoon was filled with the sounds of giggling, popping balloons, and splashing water.

water balloons

water balloons

I figure after it was all said and done I helped fill and tie about 50 water balloons. My sore fingers got me to thinking that maybe the boys need a lesson in balloon tying. With 400 some balloons left in the bucket and many hot summer days ahead I think I’ll have plenty of opportunities to teach them.


6 Responses to Water Balloons

  1. Nichole says:

    I want to live at your house!
    That looks so fun…the kind of thing that your boys will remember for always.
    So lovely.

    • Alison says:

      Thanks Nichole! They keep me on my toes…we always have something going on.

  2. bentley says:

    Your boys are SO cute. I just made a big trip to target to buy a blow-up pool, water guns and popsicles. Summer has arrived!

  3. Allison says:

    SO fun! We love playing in water :)

  4. Cat in Palma says:


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