Hooray for Friday…and…two posts in one week!  Let me tell you, those two things alone feel like good reasons to celebrate. Not only that, it’s also Valentine’s Day!  While I know there are a few that think this holiday is a bit silly, I happen to be one that loves it, especially since my boys came along. It’s a day for fun, mushy, silliness and for boys in particular I think that is a very good thing.  I know I dropped the ball on sharing a fun treat for this day of love, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been making them.

Vanilla Rooibos Latte

An out take from the cherry heart tarts I made with the 8 year old the other night.  I rolled out the pie dough, he did the rest, and was quite proud of the results.

So how do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?  This morning, we had a cinnamon roll breakfast with frilly pink napkins, red plates and the final ‘love note’ in the series I’ve been doing for them…from February 1st up to today, a small heart was placed on their doors each day, telling them something I love about them, about our relationship, about their place in our family.  Watching their faces each morning, as they read their notes, seeing that smile of love and contentment spread across their faces…all worth the extra effort.  I think we may have a new tradition for February.

While you are out, spreading a little extra love to the world today, maybe share some with your self too.  Maegan, over on The Creative Mama, has some thoughts on simple gifts of love to give yourself.

Lately, for myself, I’ve been trying to be gentler.  Adding just one thing to my day that brings me a snippet of peace, a chance to breath and re-center.  Sometimes it’s a run in the warm sunshine, like I was able to enjoy yesterday, other days it’s snuggling into bed early with my latest read, it can even be as simple as a mug of my current favorite tea…the vanilla rooibos latte below.

Vanilla Rooibos Latte
While I do love my tea, without added milk or sweetener, sometimes you just need to mix things up.  I recently bought a milk frother and decided to try my hand at a little homemade tea latte, reminiscent of Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte.
For the sweetener, I used this vanilla bean syrup I had on hand, but you can also use a store bought simple syrup or even just stir in a bit of sugar.
Vanilla Rooibos Latte


  • 1 cup of very hot (not boiling) water
  • 1 tea bag, Vanilla Rooibos tea
  • 1/4 cup milk (dairy or nondairy)
  • Your choice of sweetener (optional)


  1. Heat water in mug until desired temperature. I tend to over heat because the milk cools it down a bit when added.
  2. After water is heated, add tea bag and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes, then remove.
  3. Pour milk into a separate mug or liquid measuring cup.
  4. Using milk frother, froth milk until it at least doubles in volume.
  5. Spoon milk into hot tea.
  6. Sweeten to preference using vanilla bean syrup, a simple syrup or bit of sugar.

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