I know what you must be thinking…a post about a peanut butter & jelly sandwich…really?  When you live with 3 little boys sometimes life doesn’t get a whole lot more glamourous than that.  While my kids eat a lot of different things, to say that peanut butter and jelly is a staple at our house would be an understatement.  When the PB starts to get low around here we make a trip to the store like some folks do when they are low on milk or toilet paper.  They have it for breakfast, in their cold lunch and sometimes as a snack before bed (not always in the same day…okay,well, sometimes in the same day).

I like to keep these boys of mine on their toes trying new things, have them thinking their mom is some kind of creative genius (they are still young enough I can do that…<grin>).   When I came across this idea for a PB&J pocket-like sandwich I knew they’d love it.  This cute idea was found on the blog ‘Simply Stardust’ written by Sara Lynn Paige.  Her site is a visual treat with beautiful photography and rich narratives.  The images documenting her trip to Ireland are amazing. I wanted to jump on the next plane to Dublin after reading of her adventures.

So onto the PB&Js…

Take a canning lid and seal.

Then place the ring on top of the sandwich and seal on the bottom.  Line them up and press them through the bread.  They will cut the sandwich into a cute PB&J pocket.

Usually I can get 2 pockets out of one sandwich, but for this just opted to show how to do one.  I’ve been sending these in the kids cold lunches and they’ve been a huge hit. I was thinking this would also work great for grilled cheese sandwiches or some kind of pizza pocket with sauce and mozzarella…hmmm….

We’ve been enjoying a bit of a teasing dose of spring around here this week.  It’s lovely.  For the past few days I’ve actually shed 2 of the 3 layers I’m usually wearing and it feels so good.  It seems that we get a little taste of spring every February, as if to say, ‘hold on…spring is coming’.  Like a little dose of hope that winter won’t last forever because, to be honest, sometimes it feels like it could.  As hard as I try I just do not like winter.  Each year come November I become resolute that I will not get the winter blahs and complain, but each year I fail at it…miserably.  So, I am going to FULLY enjoy these spring-like days until winter returns, knowing that it is only for a few more weeks…thankfully.

On Sunday, the first of our warm stretch, the boys declared it ‘shorts weather’, rode their bikes, scooters and hit us up to play some basketball at the school.  That evening they all crashed, tired from the fresh air and activity.  It was wonderful.

Wearing shorts with all the snow still on the ground…they didn’t even notice.

Pretty fancy moves for a 5 year old, huh?  I think it’s the red socks that do it…


3 Responses to PB&J and Sunshine

  1. jenni says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. bentley says:

    that is the cutest things ive ever seen. they will def. make an appearance in conner’s lunch.

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