Our prompt for today in Picture Winter from Tracey Clark…

“Promise and possibility might be intangibles, but you know that feeling when you see something that fils your heart brimming.  Be on the lookout today for something that speaks of promise or possibility–something hopeful, touching, soul stirring.  Something that reminds you that anything is possible and we have everything to hope for.”

This is a shot of a eucalyptus branch on my kitchen window sill.  I was at Whole Foods this morning and once again found myself in the floral area of the store.  I can’t help it.  I am a sucker for flowers.  Whenever I go to the farmer’s market I end up coming home with my treasure bags of produce and a lovely little bouquet for the kitchen table.  Having flowers in the house is something I love.  It feels comforting to me…not sure why.  I especially love it in the winter.  When the view outside my window has turned to the color of a b&w photograph it feels good to have some color inside.  Something that is alive.  It is a reminder of the season of green that will come after this season of gray.  A reminder of the possibilities to come.


So today is day 2 of Picture Winter.  Our email prompt today was to head outside and find some inspiration and a little fresh air.  I’m all for fresh air AND inspiration, but it has been so cold here lately that the only thing that has felt inspiring is my quilt, kindle and a cup of tea.

Still Henry and I headed out anyway.  We took a short walk and I really wasn’t feeling it. What I was feeling was cold.  I’m not one to push myself to feel ‘inspired’.  I’ve tried it too many times to know that the only thing I end up with is a memory card full of disappointment.

So we headed back inside.  As we were stomping off our shoes I looked down…

Turns out inspiration was walking with me all along.


**It’s not too late to sign up for Picture Winter with Tracey Clark.  I just completed Picture Holiday and LOVED it!

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