We’ve had an early start to our Wednesday morning.   The phone just rang with the much anticipated announcement of a snow day.  It’s our second one this week.  After a very mild winter, including spring like temperatures just last week, February has come in with a vengeance…and about 10 inches of snow.

Egg Avocado & Salsa Breakfast Bowl

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As I sit here to write, I’m trying to decide where to begin.  Much to share, but not anything of real significance, just the usual of life with a few lightbulb moments thrown in for good measure.  While winter remains to be my least favorite season, I’m finding ways to make it tolerable.  Bundling up for a good run, sweating it out in Spin class, spending time with friends, making and reading about good food.  As I said, nothing of significance, just all working toward spring, more sunshine and warmth.

Raspberry & Chia Breakfast Jar

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Hello!  Here we are halfway into January!  I’m happy to say that the month is flying by.  This winter, I promised myself, I would put a good effort into finding ways to get outdoor time in, despite the cold.  Winter and I haven’t been on good terms the last few years.  The cold makes my body ache and lack of sunshine starts to take it’s toll.  The other three seasons of the year I am outside and active, but come winter that takes a down ward turn.  That is, until this year.  I’m happy to say…so far, so good.  Thanks to a run running group and an encouraging friend, I’ve been running our local trails each week.  The crisp, fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and laughter have been invigorating in ways I never expected.  And running in the cold?  Well, it’s all about layers and wearing the right kind of clothes.  I have yet to feel cold.  Earlier this week, I even braved 13 degree temperatures and a ‘feels like’ of 1 degree.  That’s a major accomplishment for this warm weather lover!


Moving on to today’s post…green smoothies.  I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a smoothie drinker.  I need to chew my meals to feel satisfied, but every now and then, I’ll make one.  They especially taste good after a long run, when I’m hungry, but my stomach isn’t quite ready for solids.  There’s this window of opportunity to take in good nutrition (within an hour of finishing your activity) to replenish the stores that have been used.  By packing in nutrient rich foods, like those found in this smoothie, you are helping the body recover.

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It’s hard to believe we are finally here at Christmas Eve.  The last year has been a whirlwind of adventure.  I’m so thankful for this small space and those of you that visit.  While I know it’s been a little quieter here the last month that only proves how much we’ve truly been filling our days.  With each year that passes, I believe more and more, life is fuller away from the screen than in front of it.  Not to worry, I’ll be sharing our stories in pictures here as always.  Everything feels a little more balanced when I can see the world through my lens.

Merry Christmas, and here’s to wrapping up 2014, wishing you many adventures in the new year to come.

Hot Cocoa Stand


*images from our 4th Annual Neighborhood Hot Cocoa Stand, by far one of our favorite December traditions


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