So, as of yesterday, we have exactly 14 days until school starts.  It just doesn’t seem possible…where did the summer go?  June was a blur, July was vacation and now here we are in August.  While I still need to buy school supplies (least favorite job ever) I’m holding onto bits of summer.  We’ve got 14 more days, right?  Why not make the most of them!

Avocado Melt

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I’m just going to come right out and say it…

I had a great weekend.

It began Friday night, spending a beautiful evening with friends at a local vineyard.  Our favorite band was playing, and the wine was flowing as easily as the laughter.  That would’ve been more than enough for me, but it got even better as I got to experience my first ‘Outstanding in the Field’ dinner on Saturday night.

About a year ago, I came across a post on Facebook that mentioned a dinner and something called, ‘Outstanding in the Field’.  Being curious, I did a search and came across their website.  Browsing through the photo gallery I was in awe of the beautiful setting where they held dinners as they toured across the farmers, orchards and nurseries of North America.  Then, reading about their mission, to share the beauty of food and honor the farmers that grow it…helping people to make the connection of where their food comes from…well, I was hooked.  Unfortunately, I had missed the dinner not too far from our home, and often they do not stop in the same place twice.

Outstanding in the Field

Little did I know, that after the success and raves of last year’s dinner that they would make an exception and return to Nebraska!

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Does anyone else have a hard time getting in gear after a vacation?  While it’s great to be home I haven’t quite caught up to my family…who seem to have hit the ground running upon our return.  Guess that’s just how it goes sometimes…

As I mentioned, last week, we enjoyed some vacation time in the mountains.  This included hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and a trip down to Boulder to enjoy one of their many bike trails as well as Valmont Bike Park.


Day trips like these include a little planning.  Jackets, bike helmets…and of course snacks and water.  That’s where Mighty Nest comes in.  About a month before our trip to Colorado, they kindly contacted me, sharing a bit about their products and asking about a giveaway.  My feeling on blog giveaways is that I really feel the product needs to be something I would use…regularly.  Well, after browsing through Mighty Nest’s site I couldn’t imagine a better company to pair with.  We already use many of their products daily and I couldn’t be more excited to now share their goodness with you.

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‘There’s nothing like an adventure to remind you how you want to live when you reenter routine.’

–Kristen Armstrong, Mile Markers

Yesterday, we came home from a wonderful few days in the mountains. This is a trip we make every summer, joining my parents and brother’s family for some uninterrupted time together. It is our family tradition (we figured well over 15 years strong). We don’t make plans any further than to be there, the same week each July. Everything else just seems to fall into place. Hiking, good food, hilarious, never ending hands of crazy 8s, cool mountain air, a Saturday trip into Boulder for the farmers’ market and some time at the bike park and on the trails.


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I know what you must be thinking…baking in July, really?  With expect highs in the 90s this week, I probably won’t be turning the oven on either.  But head on over to ‘The Creative Mama’ anyway, and I’ll tell you a little more about our favorite zucchini muffins and why taking a few easy steps now, can mean enjoying summer zucchini (and these muffins) in the fall and winter months.

Zucchini Muffins


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