Welcome to March! Can I just say, that although I know this month can still bring some snow, the fact that it is March 1st means that April is only one month away. And that means SPRING! This week more than any I’ve heard more people say that they are tired of winter. ‘Tis the season I think. Stores are full of spring colors and clothes. There is talk of Easter and gardens. And in 9 short weeks, I’ll be running my favorite spring half marathon. Each week I cross off the training calendar brings sunshine and warmth just a little closer.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

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Snow is the word of the day around here.  A lot of it.  School has been cancelled, the pantry has been stocked and I am thinking hot chocolate.  A lot of it.  I imagine there will be plenty of movie watching, pj wearing and all around hibernating going on as well. Oh, and Minecraft too, it’s the latest boy obsession.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Today, I am over at ‘The Creative Mama’ sharing a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate.  It’s the latest addition to my growing list of warming winter drinks.  Enjoy!

Are you starting to think all we do around our house is bake cookies and chocolate cake?

Unfortunately, it’s not. Brussels sprouts, tomato soup and enchiladas have made their way to our table lately too.  However, since it’s Friday, and the end of a good week, filled with good news, I’m going to share one more sweet treat to celebrate it in the form of some heart shaped, shortbread cookies.

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies

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Waking to a heavy fog on Sunday morning, set the tone for the day.  We moved a bit slower, snuggled a little longer and cozied up under quilts, watched movies, read and played games.  In the morning, I ventured out to get a few groceries and snapped a couple pics of the dreary day with my phone.  The country roads and barren trees, along with the heavy sky made for moody b&w images.  Later in the day, as the fog rolled back in, across the empty cornfields, I got my big camera out to capture the landscapes.

herb scrambled eggs


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