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This month over at ‘The Creative Mama’ they are paying tribute to the color yellow.  I found myself smiling when I read this, yellow being my favorite color.

“What’s your favorite color?”

It’s a question often associated with childhood or used on a quiz that defines your personality type. There’s a lot that can determine your favorite shade on the color wheel.  It is no secret around our house that I love yellow.  Sure, there are other colors I like…orange, apple green, gray, robin’s egg blue.  But yellow, well, it holds a special place…

It was the color of one of the first flower girl dresses I ever wore.  Feeling like a princess at the sweet age of 5.

The color of my first bike, training wheels and all.  My first taste of independence, cruising around the neighborhood.

It was the color of the flowers my husband gave me when we first started dating.


It is the color of the sunflowers that grow in our garden every year.

It is the color of the shirt Samuel wore 2 years ago on my birthday, telling me that wearing my favorite color was his present to me.

It is the color of the bouquets of dandelions Henry brings me every spring.

It is the color of the flowers that bloom in my favorite mountain meadow.

It is the color on our walls, the place we gather, make memories and call home.

I would encourage you to head over to ‘The Creative Mama’ and check out the links of others sharing their love for yellow, maybe even share one of your own.

Hoping for a little bit of sunshine and yellow in your Thursday!




4 Responses to It’s All Yellow

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these Alison! They are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the ones of you and your boys in the meadow, amazing.

    • Alison says:

      Thanks Amy! The meadow pictures are some of my all time favorites, it’s a special place for us.

  2. Nichole says:

    Your photos bring me so much joy…
    If I can one day learn to take photos half as amazing as these, I will be a happy woman.
    So lovely.

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