I love this part of the summer.  The heat is turning up and our garden is on the brink of bursting at the seams.  The tomatoes are a tangled jungle of vines, green fruit and yellow blooms.  The beets are the perfect color of purple, just waiting to be plucked from the ground.

garden veggie wraps

The zinnia seeds that we sprinkled into the dark earth on Easter weekend are blooming in a rainbow of colors, as the sunflowers loom overhead just waiting for the right moment to bloom.

garden veggie wraps

By the way this is our dog Anna, she loves the garden too.

veggie wraps

This year I moved all my herbs to our new raised beds in the backyard and they are thriving.  Especially the basil.  I haven’t had good luck with it in the past, but this year is different.  They are full, bushy and incredibly fragrant.  I’ve been finding any excuse I can to slip it into a recipe.

garden veggie wraps

These veggie wraps make a great lunch or light supper, which is especially nice when the temperatures are high and you don’t feel like cooking.  You can swap out the ingredients for whatever veggies you have on hand.  It’s pretty flexible and not too strict on the measurements.

Garden Veggie Wraps

Whole Wheat tortillas

Romaine or mixed greens

Peppers, red, orange or yellow, thinly sliced

Tomatoes, sliced

salt and pepper

garden veggie wraps

garden veggie wraps


a handful of basil leaves

pinch of salt

couple tablespoons of pine nuts

a clove or two of garlic

extra virgin olive oil

parmesan cheese

garden veggie wrap

Put the basil, pine nuts, garlic and salt into the food processor.  While processing stream in the olive oil until you’ve reached your desired consistency.  Pour pesto into a small bowl and stir in a handful of parmesan cheese.

garden veggie wraps

garden veggie wrap

Grab a whole wheat tortilla, spread some of the pesto along the center and add your veggie toppings. Fold up ends and roll tortilla.  Cut in half and enjoy!

What are you enjoying from your gardens right now?






3 Responses to Garden Veggie Wrap

  1. polwig says:

    Beautiful photos, makes me want to eat beets, which thankfully I love. I think basil is just a strange herb every time I plant it I don’t know if it will survive or thrive like a weed.

  2. El says:

    I love summer wraps. This is beautiful!

  3. Sarah says:

    Anna is just beautiful. I miss my dog! Lovely post, as usual :)

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