I’ve come to the conclusion that, just like the grass, weeds and garden, my kids grow in the summer. This means that they are almost always hungry.



Now, I know that every time I see them standing in front of the pantry door, or “snack closet” (as they call it) they aren’t hungry.  Sometimes they are just bored. However, most of the time they actually are hungry.  This means I need to have snacks on hand.  I try to keep our choices somewhat healthy, with a sweet treat or two mixed in.

Each week I get a few emails asking what I feed the boys for snacks. To answer, I put together a few posts for this week that will share how we roll at snack time.

fruit snacks

First up, quite easy, and by far one of their favorites…fruit.

I keep a couple of bowls on my kitchen island full of fruit at all times.  Summer is a great time of year to have a variety of fruits available, but really we eat it year round.

Nectarines and peaches in the summer.

fruit snacks

Pears, apples and oranges over the fall and winter.

It’s easy for them to grab and something even my 5 year old can do by himself.

I also have bowls of fruit cleaned and ready to go in the fridge, on the low shelf, where they can reach.  When I hear, “Moommm, I’m hungry.”  First thing I say is, “have some fruit.”  They almost never complain.

Another way they love to have fruit…frozen.

frozen grapes

My kids especially love frozen grapes, but they’ll eat almost any fruit this way.  Cold and refreshing, they love to pop a frozen strawberry, grape or even raspberry into their mouths after playing outside in the summer heat.  The kabob idea came from pinterest, but I think making one with different fruits would also be fun.  Kind of like a popsicle kabob.

frozen grapes

A few other snack ideas we love…

Pretzels, cashews, pistachios, yogurt





Brown Rice Krispie Treats


Fruit Leather

Hope you all had great 4th of July celebrations!  We are tired around here today and in recovery mode from a fun, busy weekend.  It’s off to the store to refill the fridge and pantry for us.  Three boys and two groceries stores…wish me luck!

Have a good Tuesday!






2 Responses to Fruit Snacks

  1. Beautiful pictures! Fruit is our number one snack too! It’s really the best 😀
    Love your link for fruit leather, we very frequently make our own fruit leather too 😀 And we especially love having popcorn and homemade popsicles for snacks too. I’m glad to have found you, scrolling through some of your recent posts, a lot of things look great to me!

    • Alison says:

      Thanks for visiting…I hope you’ll come back soon! Sounds like we have a lot in common.

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