After a whirlwind, wonderful weekend in New Orleans, I’m itching for spring more than ever.  I flew down Friday to photograph a cookbook, and was greeted by blooming wisteria and azaleas, green grass, gorgeous old oaks and warm sunshine.  It was exactly what this Midwestern girl needed.

Food Photography

While I can’t say too much about this current project, I can tell you that the book I photographed last summer, The Best Homemade Lunches on the Planet,  is on pre-sale now, and will be released in July.  My kids have been loving the recipes from this book, it has added to much variety to our lunch packing routine.

The Best Homemade Lunches on the Planet

For today, I’m over on The Creative Mama sharing my installment of our series, Food Photography 101.  Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing a little about how to take pictures of food and the tricks and tips I’ve picked up along the way.  Come on over!

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