I was fortunate to be back out on the farm yesterday morning.  At this point in the season harvest dominates everything.  Last week 20 hours alone was spent harvesting tomatoes.  Just tomatoes.  One of the many crops that are in full swing.

farm to table project

farm to table project

September is also the final push for planting.  Thanks to some cool temperatures a couple weeks ago, sown seeds were able to germinate, but there won’t be anymore sowing in the greenhouse, just the planting of what remains.  I can hardly believe we are already to this point in the season, it’s gone so quickly.  It seems only a few weeks ago that I visited for the first time.

farm to table project

farm to table project

Visiting the farm has become something I genuinely look forward to.  Not only do I love visiting with Terra, Matt and Max, to get the latest farm news, but feel my mind unwind and my senses come to life.

Hearing Emma (the farm beagle) baying as she hunts through the field on a constant adventure…

The smell of peppers and fennel in the breeze as they are harvested and washed for CSA…

Seeing the full spectrum of colors that the fields are yielding in the form of tomatoes, peppers, chard and green beans…

Feeling the richest of soil between my sandaled toes, as I follow Terra through the fields during harvest…

I will miss it all when this season comes to an end, but as Terra shared in her weekly CSA email, ‘to everything there is a season, and fall is a friend.’  A gentle reminder that all good things must come to an end and fall is indeed a beautiful friend.

This week’s CSA box was a thing of beauty…

Silverbeet Swiss Chard


Variety of eggplant


Montovado Fennel

Moon and Stars watermelon

Green beans

Yellow of Parma Onions

Variety of Sweet Peppers

Tendercrisp celery

Desiree Potatoes


6 Responses to Farm to Table Project: Harvest, Harvest, Harvest

  1. Laura says:

    your box this week is beautiful!! wow. if only i had a farm… can’t have it all. i guess i have to settle for hurricanes. :)

  2. Heather says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, thank you for sharing with us your local farm cultural – it is so apparent how much love goes into what they do.

    • Alison says:

      Thanks Heather. It has been a pretty amazing experience. They are truly wonderful people and it has been inspiring to watch them work.

  3. Love your work, Allison!

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