I have no special training when it comes to food.  I just kind of love it.  I love to talk about it, write about it, photograph it.

Whether or not this qualifies me to write a food blog, I sometimes wonder.

sea salt on chocolate chip cookies

The more I learn about food and flavors the more I’ve noticed that, most of the time, it’s the simplest ingredient that often makes the biggest difference.  It can be a little cinnamon to a plain up of hot cocoa, some fresh nutmeg in your spinach dish, a sprinkling of sea salt on top of your chocolate chip cookie.

Yep, that’s right….sea salt on your chocolate chip cookie.  Simple, but what a difference maker.

Here’s what you do…

Follow your usual cookie recipe, but before placing them into the oven, sprinkle each cookie with a bit of sea salt.  Then put them in the oven to bake.  That’s it.

chocolate chip cookies with sea salt

You can thank me later…have a wonderful weekend!


**I’m over on William Sonoma’s blog, ‘The Blender’, today with my contribution to their virtual potluck.  Be sure to check out all the contributors’ ideas for any last minute additions to your Thanksgiving menu.

7 Responses to Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt

  1. Heather says:

    Great idea! How is the texture? My friends love my chocolate chip cookies, and I swear it’s because I use salted butter and a little more than the recommended teaspoon of salt in the recipe!

    • Alison says:

      Heather–I didn’t notice any change in the texture at all, just a difference in the flavor.

  2. These look fabulous! When I first started baking I used to omit salt from dessert recipes, but then I learned how much salt enhances the flavor. Love “salted” desserts now!

  3. anna says:

    I am really curious how my choco chip recipe will turn out after I follow your suggestion. A bit excited too…I’ll let you know the result as soon as possible…Thanks in advance. I know it will do good for my recipe!;)

  4. This. Sounds. Perfect. How on earth do I never think of these sorts of brilliant things?!?!?! I will be trying this very soon! Thanks for the tip. :-)

  5. Angelie says:

    These sound wonderful!

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