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Growing up, I had a a grandpa that loved peppermint ice cream.  Actually, it was peppermint and Neapolitan, but it was the peppermint ice cream that stands out in my memory. Each evening, he would methodically place 2 scoops in crystal sundae cups, then sit at the kitchen table and slow eat his evening treat, savoring each bite.

What was even more unique about his love for peppermint ice cream, was that he was able to have it almost year round.  It wasn’t just a holiday treat, found on a grocery store end cap, but regularly stocked at the Jack & Jill where Gram would shop.  I loved visiting them and getting my own 2 scoops to eat at the table with Papa.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa


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November??!  How can it be?  We are almost through fall, and truthfully, I’m not ready to see it go. There has been a certain vibrancy and beauty to this season that I cannot explain, and do not want to end anytime soon.

Last weekend, we took a little trip east, over to Waubonsie State Park in Iowa.  It was our third year for making this fall trip, to walk the trails and soak in the autumn beauty.  There is something magical about being amongst the canopy of trees with colorful leaves gently falling on the paths.  We hunted for acorns, walking sticks and other treasures.

How to Make Homemade Cocoa

How to Make Homemade Hot Cocoa

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Now into our second week of school, the academic calendar isn’t the only thing that is ramping up.  Our sports calendar is filling with all things soccer….practice, tournaments and games.  Although it seems that the season never really ends, fall and spring are the busiest.

Homemade Sports Drink

All this activity (especially when the days are hot and the games long) means that two things become a necessity…food and drink.  While I try to keep lots of snacks on hand, keeping them hydrated is important too.  We’ve never been big into sports drinks like Gatorade, especially after our dentist mentioned that it contains more sugar than soda.  A sports bottle of cold water is usually their first choice, followed closely by some Watermelon or Fruit Punch Nuun.  We tried coconut water, but with only mixed reviews we haven’t bought it regularly.

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Snow is the word of the day around here.  A lot of it.  School has been cancelled, the pantry has been stocked and I am thinking hot chocolate.  A lot of it.  I imagine there will be plenty of movie watching, pj wearing and all around hibernating going on as well. Oh, and Minecraft too, it’s the latest boy obsession.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Today, I am over at ‘The Creative Mama’ sharing a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate.  It’s the latest addition to my growing list of warming winter drinks.  Enjoy!

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