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Are you back to school?  Today marks the beginning of our school year.  We’ve done the school supply shopping (does anyone else feel like that’s just a scavenger hunt gone wrong?).  Each boy is sporting a new pair of shoes.  It’s the beginning.

(a little throw back to our early back to school days and today…we’ve come a long way)

The Best Homemade Lunches on the Planet

I had to laugh when I read the most recent circulating post by Jen Hatmaker.  I’ll admit, a few similar thoughts have crossed my mind in the weeks leading up to this first day.  We’ve enjoyed our time together, but the closer this date crept on the calendar, the more I could see it was time.  A few more scuffles between brothers, less interest in the swimming pool and other activities that had kept us busy the last couple months.  It’s time for catching up with friends, getting to bed a little earlier and finding our routine again.  After all, there’s plenty of things to look forward to as fall creeps ever closer.  Football season, apple picking, jeans, sweaters….*sigh*…..Yes, I do believe I am ready.

The Best Homemade Lunches on the Planet

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If you’ve been following along with me for awhile, you may remember the Farm to Table Project.  In 2013 I documented the growing season of Rhizosphere Farm, a small organic farm at the time, located in eastern Nebraska.  At the end of that season, farmers Matt and Terra Hall, took a year off to find a permanent home and land so they could further pursue their dreams of sustainable farming and feeding their community.

After a lengthy search, a permanent home for the farm was found in Missouri Valley, Iowa.  The 2014 growing season started off beautifully, and the first time I visited the farm’s new location I was in awe of the bounty in the fields.  Matt and Terra, along with their assistants Nick and Jackie had the farm looking like they had been there for years, instead of months.

Rhizosphere Farm

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As I pulled into the driveway after a 5am spin class this morning, the rise of the garage door slowly revealed a pair of bare feet waiting for me.  A sleepy boy, with his sun-kissed, freckled face smiled and whispered a sweet, ‘good morning’ as I got out of the car to enter the house.  I knew my  intention of sharing a post about our Tuesday cherry picking was about to change, as my early risers had other plans.  Breakfast, snuggling up to talk about ideas for the day that include friends and swimming.

It’s summer.

So, instead of a lovely detailed post about our time amongst the cherry trees yesterday, I offer up an abundance of pictures and a simple recipe for a sour cherry galette.  For the crust, I used the whole wheat pie crust recipe from Erin Alderson’s wonderful, new offering, ‘The Homemade Flour Cookbook’.  Of course you can use whatever your favorite pie crust recipe may be, but the nutty, hearty wheat from Erin’s crust adds to the already rustic quality of this galette.  I served it topped with vanilla bean whipped cream, but it would be equally delicious with vanilla ice cream.  I’m already thinking this might be a great Fourth of July dessert.  Enjoy!

Sour Cherry Galette

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